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Project Manager / Account Manager

Read: Master of Excel & PowerPoint

You make the impossible possible, you are the superhero of events and fear is not a factor to you.
Tight deadlines, best people, amazing places – you know them all.
As you see, your attitude is the key to nail the goal. Is it you?


NJ Production is a modern event experience & live communication agency.
We create extraordinary B2B events around the clock, around the world.

Project manager / Account manager has a key role in leading our project teams.

We are looking for a team member who…

  • Loves event business and continuous professional development
  • Keeps up with current trends & technologies
  • Has demonstrated experience and skills in event management:
  • Passion for drama and storytelling in events
  • Courage to build powerful event experience from content to technical solutions
  • Understands event logistics
  • Has eye for design
  • Works with a systematic approach to get things done efficiently
  • Has proven track record in managing timelines individually and for teams
  • Thinks logically and can quickly solve problems in time-sensitive situations
  • Wants to interact with different people in different positions
  • Has a mindset for excellent customer service
  • Can be creative and think outside of the box
  • Has worked in leadership roles, can manage and inspire internal and external teams
  • Is fully capable and confident working with numbers in Excel
  • Get excited to build commercial offers in PowerPoint & video
  • Is coachable, humble and willing to learn from others and from feedback
  • Understands training process and different ways of learning
  • Ah, it is not so serious, just be the best of you 😊

Why NJ?

  • Interesting international customers & projects
  • High quality productions
  • Travelling with events globally
  • Passionate and highly motivated team
  • Motivating salary

Send your CV and motivation letter to



Jonas, CEO
+358 40 150 3515