NJ Hybrid is a virtual event where live and online audience joins and participates in the same live experience from different locations. The Hybrid event connects people into a virtual event space using smart and interactive technology.

At NJ we are very curious about human behaviour and how to inspire, engage & motivate people through live communication. Our goal is to build powerful event experiences that influence opinions and connect people.

The focus is on content – Why, What and How to communicate to the target audience. NJ virtual event platform gives you the power to connect with a global audience and tailor your event to meet your business objectives.

On this page, we walk you through the different options for online communication, so you get a better understanding of when to use our Hybrid event concept and how it is built.



Meetings suitable for 2-10 persons



Educational sessions



Internal info sessions



Strategic communication to targeted audience

This is how it works

This is how we do it

Hybrid modules


Feel the energy and share emotions! The Stage is built like in a world class TV-show, where participants can interact and influence the content in real time.


Breakout sessions offer participants the opportunity to discuss, reflect, or focus upon relevant themes to them. Meet & greet with keynotes can be organised here.


Participants can join in-depth virtual roundtable discussions. It is possible to also brainstorm together and share the views with a live sketchboard.


Visit virtual expo, try out the demos and listen to expert talks. Be immersed in the VR experience.


Connecting with the right people has been made easy. Meet up during breaks, have lunch discussions and share virtual business cards.


Engage and learn from attendees by extending your professional network. Connect with face-to-face meetings just like In Real Life.


Let´s get the party started! Join after-work networking and share the dance floor with everyone.

Our studios


NJ Green Screen studio will allow you to choose any background that is needed to support your content.


Present your content in a TV Show format. Make your audience feel like a part of a TV production.


Join in from all around the world, regardless of your location.

Build your own studio

Tips for Hybrid Event

Meaningful content

Technical platform and production is not enough. Content is the king. Build interesting content to your target audience.

Keep it short & sharp

How long can you really concentrate in front of your computer screen? 5-15 min? The virtual event has to be more dynamic. Reduce time at least to 1/3.

Studio Set-up

Try to imagine yourself being in front of your computer screen – backdrops and props should support the content to further engage the audience.

Train the speaker

You only have one opportunity to get it right, it is live TV. Coaching, sharpening content and training plays an important part in success.

Engaging content

It’s important to interact with the virtual audience and make it something they don’t want a miss a minute of.

Professional host

The Host is someone who creates the overall appearance and can really take the virtual event experience and flow to the next level. So choose wisely.


Human interaction is something we are all born with and need. Opportunities in the virtual event are endless from Q&A; voting; chat; quiz; reactions… and the list goes on…

Roundtable discussions

Variety is the spice of life! It’s important to organize relevant content & virtual discussions with smaller interest groups and experts.

Products & Demos

Virtual partner area can be built as mixed reality, VR, AR, demos, 1-on-1 encounters for product presentations.


To meet the right people is perhaps one of the most important parts of the event. Organise networking opportunities 1-on-1 or in groups.

Have Fun

Do not forget those small magical moments, plan the touchpoints and make people feel. Morning exercises, shared same breakfast tea, wine tasting together…

You got a delivery

Surprise attendees by sending them a welcome package before the event with morning tea, refreshing fruit, afterparty hats, or invitations. The sky is the limit! 😉

Let’s build the future of events together.

We are happy to talk about the possibilities of virtual events and can demo the solutions for you.

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Video meetings are suitable for a limited group of participants to allow everybody to discuss ideas and thoughts regarding different topics. You may share your screen and post comments in group chat. It is a great option for productive and faster decision-making meetings where you can align or agree on new actions. Examples of popular video meeting platforms are Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Hangouts and Cisco Webex. These platforms have very restrictive video and audio quality so it´s not suitable for larger audiences.


Webinars are suitable as educational and training sessions for a larger audience. Participants can post questions and comments to the presenter and audience in real time, which can lead to an interesting further development of the topics. The goal is to produce valuable content to a larger audience, but the interaction possibilities are still very limited because the presenter needs to stay focused on his presentation and will have hard time to pick up and address relevant questions and comments in real-time.


Live video sessions are mostly suitable for internal communications like internal information sharing. It´s a great tool to keep your employees on the same page. Participants can post questions and comments to the presenter and audience in real time, which can lead to an interesting further development of the topics. There is no video editing, no re-doing and that’s why it is important to be well prepared for live session performances in order to make it efficient and not to lose the focus of the audience. Live sessions can also be produced as an add-on of a physical event.


Hybrid Event is an event concept where the live and online audience will join and share the same experiences either live from a studio or online. The possibilities for the online audience are so much more than just watching the event – they can interact with the live event, share their feelings and emotions, and take part in planned physical activities remotely. And we are not forgetting the speakers! Performing without any audience feedback can be uncomfortable and lose the spark of the performance. This is not at risk in the Hybrid event! Speakers and panellists will get instant feedback of emotions directly from the live and online audience which will make them more engaged. It is possible to create workshops, expo/demos, 1-1 meetings, networking and so much more!


Host the event from a factory, forest or even from the beach. Green screen studios give endless possibilities to take the participants on a journey.

Through technical illusion it enables to visit different office locations, research centres, factories and to meet different people from all over the world. It can be even used to deep dive to the insights of different product and services and of course it is lots of fun.


Professional TV studios are powerful elements to bring the participant experience to the next level. The audience feel they are part of something big and exciting, using some well-known location and TV sets also gives opportunity to structure the program and the content.


Multi-site studios give the opportunity to have discussion between different countries, cities, or even continents. Several locations make the viewing experience exiting and enables to provide speakers, keynotes and performances in multiple locations.

All you need is a good internet connection and we will help you with the rest.