Content building & Speaker coaching

Engaging narratives and inspiring speakers

We create powerful event experiences that bring your story to life using engaging narratives to communicate your message. The story will connect people, influence opinions, change behaviours, and inspire to take action to maximize the value and impact of the event.

One of the cornerstones of a successful event is clearly defining the event purpose. Once the purpose is clear the content work starts. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of the event goals, target audience and key messages. Our objective is to create events that will offer new insights, in-depth knowledge and experiences for your target audiences to support your business.

Make your people shine on stage or on camera

A very important part of future events is to coach and educate your own personnel and contributors so that they shine on stage or on camera. We have a global pool of leading speaking coaches that provide training before the event and help with rehearsals. We have extensive knowledge of speaker coaching and camera training. Hosts are especially significant in digital events. Coaching, sharpening content and training plays an important role in the success of the event & engagement level.

How we do it

We bring your story to life

Our production process is built to manage your project milestones and meet its goals. We have a team of event designers and scriptwriters to create the concept, the storyline and finalise the detailed script. We love coming up with new ideas, surprising the audience and fitting proven best practices together with innovation. This is always reflected in the script – it must be inspiring and engaging to effectively interact with your target audience, pre-defined guests and performers.

The roles of the presenter and scriptwriter have become even more important in digital events – it is like running a live TV-show. Performances need extensive planning, structured training and rehearsals.

We help you build inspiring content and handpick the best international keynote speakers, hosts and coaches to deliver your story. We have vast experience in sourcing some of the most influential business leaders and specialists in the world. Investing in a professional TV host will take the experience & flow of the event to the next level.

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