Events as Part of Strategy: iLOQ and NJ Production recognized as best in Finland

Finland’s biggest event competition Evento Awards awarded iLOQ and event partner NJ Production in the brand new category “Events as Part of Strategy”. The category highlights companies who strategically use events to achieve success as important part of a wider set of sales and marketing measures.

Events as a strategic tool in driving business results

Heikki Hiltunen, CEO of iLOQ said that “At iLOQ, events play a crucial role in our strategic approach and daily operations, serving as a cornerstone for building our thought leadership position in the global market.”

The submitted work, “iLOQ20 – Life made limitless”, brought more than 600 participants from 24 countries to Oulu – the birthplace of iLOQ. The goal was to celebrate the revolutionary access management company’s 20-year journey while boosting their brand and business.

iLOQ decided to combine their annual events aimed at different target audiences – their customers, partners, suppliers, and personnel – into one powerful culture and brand experience week: iLOQ20 Life made limitless. It was a strategic decision to maximize impact, support their business goals and reduce the carbon-footprint by combining their annual event series and investments.

The event resulted in increased sales performance and savings, enhanced brand awareness and social media presence, exceedingly positive participant feedback, and a significant estimated reduction in carbon emissions by strategically combining the event series and following sustainable event planning processes.

Strategic agency partnership is the key to success

Noora Olsson, Partner at NJ Production says that “an agency partner who understands the business, goals and strategy is most important when organizing events that play such a crucial role. We have a long-term partnership with iLOQ when it comes to their most important events. We also won the Evento Award for iLOQ’s 15-year anniversary event. Together we are aiming to inspire and challenge other companies to make events as part of their business strategy.”

Results speak for themselves

“The impact of “iLOQ20 – Life made limitless” has been substantial for iLOQ. Strengthening relationships with stakeholders has translated into a better market position, enhanced trust, and heightened respect. These positive relationships serve as a catalyst, effectively spreading the message about iLOQ’s values, culture, and performance. This contributes to attracting new customers and partners who resonate with our approach and vision. In essence, our event strategy not only aligns with our business goals but also actively shapes the narrative and perception surrounding iLOQ on a global scale,” said Hiltunen.

Hiltunen elaborates that in addition to business objectives, events play a crucial role in nurturing iLOQ’s unique company culture. “This culture is not only ingrained in our internal team but also extends to our partners and customers, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose,” said Hiltunen.


“iLOQ20 – Life made limitless” was an absolute success, uniting the industry community, amplifying iLOQ culture and making an impact on their business with powerful results.

The event resulted in:

  • increased sales performance and savings up to 1,7M€
  • enhanced brand awareness and social media presence with 1.8M campaign impressions, +42% higher organic impressions and tripled engagements
  • exceedingly positive participant feedback with NPS of 83 and event score 4.7/5.
  • 52% reduction estimated in carbon emissions by strategically combining the event series

“iLOQ20 – Life made limitless” was an important milestone in their mission of making life accessible and ultimately, limitless.


Success at the Evento Awards illustrates the power of strategic events in driving business growth and shaping brand narratives. As businesses navigate an increasingly competitive landscape, using events as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy can become the key to your success.

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