Technical & video production

You can focus on stage, while we focus on backstage

We design and execute a powerful experience that transforms your goals and vision into reality. No matter where the event is – across the globe or in the cloud – our people and solutions support your planning journey. Our award-winning team of professional tech experts will build solutions with the highest innovative design and technology. From planning to production to post-production, you gain access to cutting-edge technology and the latest in event production to maximise impact.

We cover all technical solutions from global flagship events to virtual and hybrid events. We take care of everything that comes to technical solutions, visuality and screen content.

How we do it

Our extensive in-house capabilities set us apart

We have an in-house technical team and design capabilities for top-quality video, presentation and graphics production. We create events in all sizes, from one camera productions to TV standard multi-camera productions. Events can be executed either at your own premises or at any other location that supports the content. We also have a wide global network of high-quality event spaces and studios that we can source and contract.

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