Event communication & engagement

Delivering your key messages

It is important to build an engaging event community, keep attendees up-to-date at all times and gather meaningful data to further personalize the attendees’ experience. We help you build a communication plan for pre, during and post-event activities to create a unified and consistent brand experience across your attendee journey.

Fight short attention spans 

In the world of B2B events there is so much competition for attendees’ attention. It’s crucial to carefully plan all communications and create engaging content that will capture their interest. Clear, concise, and consistent communication with meaningful interactive content will positively influence your attendees’ event experience. We have years of experience in keeping participants engaged at both face-to-face events and also behind their screens.

A memorable event needs customised interactive content and effective communication. We design and implement websites, emails, mobile apps, event interactions and virtual platforms to create motivating event communication for your target audiences to keep them engaged before, during and after the event.

How we do it

Learning about human behaviour is our passion

We have a team of in-house specialists continuously researching, testing and using different technical solutions and platforms. We analyse different engagement tools, program modules, security levels, streaming qualities, server selection, accessibility, connectivity, backups and pricing for improvements and optimizations.

Get valuable insights for future actions and events

No matter the format – in-person, virtual or hybrid – our automated functions for registration, communication, reporting and feedback make sure that every event is a success for participants and organisers. For you to get valuable insights seamlessly, we can integrate with most marketing platforms and CRM systems.

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