Planning & Project Management

The future is unknown, but not unpredictable

Events are organised to strengthen relationships with their own personnel as well as customers, increase sales opportunities, and close deals. Events are one of the best ways to meet and engage with people. Whether you are planning an in-person or hybrid event, you need a trusted professional partner who sees the project through from start to finish.

The first cornerstone of any event is a clear definition of its purpose. Who is it organised for? What are the goals of the event and key messages for the target audience? The answers to those questions will be the foundation of planning and managing your project.

We invest in long-term relationships

We have years of experience in creating international live events around the world. NJ is a long-term trusted partner for many global organisations when it comes to their most important events.

How we do it

Knowing your industry, your business and you

International events are challenging to organise without trusted partners. We have extensive experience and a global partner network to make it happen. A successful event requires careful planning and strong implementation all the way down to the details. Our core team is involved in the process from the beginning.

We make sure that brand guidelines are followed, and the production quality is at the highest level no matter where the event takes place. We also travel to the event location to prepare, lead the project and guide teams on-site. That way we ensure that all the goals are met, and people can enjoy a great experience.

We are experts in cultures, regulations, permits and payments in different countries as well as insurance and liability issues. Additionally, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and know-how in finding the greatest event venues and hubs in the world.

A united project team will lead your internal milestones

Throughout the project, you will be supported by a team of in-house experts. The project manager is your single contact person. They take care of everything in organising an event on your behalf, which makes daily life substantially easier.

We have planned and organised hundreds of international events all over the world. We challenge the event ecosystem to make the impossible possible. Our passion is exceeding expectations to create unforgettable memories.

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