Planning & Project Management

The future is unknown, but not unpredictable

Events are organised to strengthen relationships with their own personnel as well as customers, increase sales opportunities, and close deals. Events are one of the best ways to meet and engage with people. Whether you are planning an in-person or hybrid event, you need a trusted professional partner who sees the project through from start to finish.

The first cornerstone of any event is a clear definition of its purpose. Who is it organised for? What are the goals of the event and key messages for the target audience? The answers to those questions will be the foundation of planning and managing your project.

We invest in long-term relationships

We have years of experience in creating international live events around the world. NJ is a long-term trusted partner for many global organisations when it comes to their most important events.

How we do it

Knowing your industry, your business and you

International events are challenging to organise without trusted partners. We have extensive experience and a global partner network to make it happen. A successful event requires careful planning and strong implementation all the way down to the details. Our core team is involved in the process from the beginning.

We make sure that brand guidelines are followed, and the production quality is at the highest level no matter where the event takes place. We also travel to the event location to prepare, lead the project and guide teams on-site. That way we ensure that all the goals are met, and people can enjoy a great experience.

We are experts in cultures, regulations, permits and payments in different countries as well as insurance and liability issues. Additionally, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and know-how in finding the greatest event venues and hubs in the world.

A united project team will lead your internal milestones

Throughout the project, you will be supported by a team of in-house experts. The project manager is your single contact person. They take care of everything in organising an event on your behalf, which makes daily life substantially easier.

We have planned and organised hundreds of international events all over the world. We challenge the event ecosystem to make the impossible possible. Our passion is exceeding expectations to create unforgettable memories.

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Concept & Framework

A well-defined concept provides clarity throughout the process

A production that will leave an impression on your attendees and stand out from the competition needs a well-defined concept & framework. In the concept phase, you must first define why is the event organised, who is it for and what are your goals.

The concept is something that should be mirrored in all the phases of event organisation. This way we ensure that each detail is aligned with the overall goals, key messages and your story.

What is the story you want to tell? Here is where we get imaginative. We use creative production to bring the concept to life, create unique experiences and positively affect attendees’ emotions. This involves mapping the entire attendee journey while focusing on what your attendees will see, feel and think about at these touchpoints.

How we do it

We do not believe in the phrase “we have always done it this way”

We provide an outside look, challenge existing ideas and keep the participant’s experience in focus. It’s important to continually ask yourself how do you want to make your attendees feel.

With our strategic insights, we ideate and iterate on experiences, content, and key messages. From there we create the concept and bring stories to life, design the agenda and define presentation tools and activation modules. We recognize and document all possible touchpoints in the event journey for branding, communication and activation.

You can choose to work with a central theme or storyline, which links different elements in the program. It takes time and creativity to develop an original theme of this kind, but it is certainly worth the effort if you can pull it off. Small theme elements and details can make a big difference. They will help you stand out from the crowd and emphasize your uniqueness.

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Event communication & engagement

Delivering your key messages

It is important to build an engaging event community, keep attendees up-to-date at all times and gather meaningful data to further personalize the attendees’ experience. We help you build a communication plan for pre, during and post-event activities to create a unified and consistent brand experience across your attendee journey.

Fight short attention spans 

In the world of B2B events there is so much competition for attendees’ attention. It’s crucial to carefully plan all communications and create engaging content that will capture their interest. Clear, concise, and consistent communication with meaningful interactive content will positively influence your attendees’ event experience. We have years of experience in keeping participants engaged at both face-to-face events and also behind their screens.

A memorable event needs customised interactive content and effective communication. We design and implement websites, emails, mobile apps, event interactions and virtual platforms to create motivating event communication for your target audiences to keep them engaged before, during and after the event.

How we do it

Learning about human behaviour is our passion

We have a team of in-house specialists continuously researching, testing and using different technical solutions and platforms. We analyse different engagement tools, program modules, security levels, streaming qualities, server selection, accessibility, connectivity, backups and pricing for improvements and optimizations.

Get valuable insights for future actions and events

No matter the format – in-person, virtual or hybrid – our automated functions for registration, communication, reporting and feedback make sure that every event is a success for participants and organisers. For you to get valuable insights seamlessly, we can integrate with most marketing platforms and CRM systems.

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Content building & Speaker coaching

Engaging narratives and inspiring speakers

We create powerful event experiences that bring your story to life using engaging narratives to communicate your message. The story will connect people, influence opinions, change behaviours, and inspire to take action to maximize the value and impact of the event.

One of the cornerstones of a successful event is clearly defining the event purpose. Once the purpose is clear the content work starts. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of the event goals, target audience and key messages. Our objective is to create events that will offer new insights, in-depth knowledge and experiences for your target audiences to support your business.

Make your people shine on stage or on camera

A very important part of future events is to coach and educate your own personnel and contributors so that they shine on stage or on camera. We have a global pool of leading speaking coaches that provide training before the event and help with rehearsals. We have extensive knowledge of speaker coaching and camera training. Hosts are especially significant in digital events. Coaching, sharpening content and training plays an important role in the success of the event & engagement level.

How we do it

We bring your story to life

Our production process is built to manage your project milestones and meet its goals. We have a team of event designers and scriptwriters to create the concept, the storyline and finalise the detailed script. We love coming up with new ideas, surprising the audience and fitting proven best practices together with innovation. This is always reflected in the script – it must be inspiring and engaging to effectively interact with your target audience, pre-defined guests and performers.

The roles of the host and scriptwriter have become more important in flagship events.  Performances need extensive planning, structured training and rehearsals.

We help you build inspiring content and handpick the best international keynote speakers, hosts and coaches to deliver your story. We have vast experience in sourcing some of the most influential business leaders and specialists in the world. Investing in a professional host will take the experience & flow of the event to the next level.

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Technical & video production

You can focus on stage, while we focus on backstage

We design and execute a powerful experience that transforms your goals and vision into reality. No matter where the event is – across the globe or in the cloud – our people and solutions support your planning journey. Our award-winning team of professional tech experts will build solutions with the highest innovative design and technology. From planning to production to post-production, you gain access to cutting-edge technology and the latest in event production to maximise impact.

We cover all technical solutions from global flagship events to virtual and hybrid events. We take care of everything that comes to technical solutions, visuality and screen content.

How we do it

Our extensive in-house capabilities set us apart

We have an in-house technical team and design capabilities for top-quality video, presentation and graphics production. We create events in all sizes, from one camera productions to TV standard multi-camera productions. Events can be executed either at your own premises or at any other location that supports the content. We also have a wide global network of high-quality event spaces and studios that we can source and contract.

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Data Strategy & Management

Data-driven insights are modern gold

Data is of key importance for corporate events. At the same time, it is one of the most challenging issues to handle. The virtual and hybrid event formats have opened a new opportunity for Sales & Marketing as well as HR departments to collect unified data throughout the whole attendee journey so it can be utilized to create actionable analytics.

Although there is a tendency to collect as much as possible, it is important to identify what data is really relevant and specify appropriate metrics. We help our clients with lead generation and qualification based on an engagement score, which is calculated by tracking key metrics.

With personal data “less is more”

Similarly, it’s important to know and understand what personal data is collected, where it’s stored, where it’s processed, who has access and how can it be deleted or made anonymous. We are familiar with all related laws and regulations, so we make sure that there are no unpleasant surprises.

How we do it

We make data management simple

We are driven by real results and are always challenging ourselves and our customers to find out how we can collect the most relevant data in order to measure, improve and exceed the set goals and expectations. We help you derive concrete insights to make informed decisions.

We have a wide selection of tools in our portfolio to best serve the needs of each client according to the goals of the event. Based on the mapped touchpoints of the attendee journey for branding, communication and activation we handpick the best combination of resources to collect relevant data.

We go above and beyond to meet the highest standards

Some of our clients are world-leading pharmaceutical, IT and cybersecurity companies, where data security and management are of utmost importance.

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