New era of the event industry – The Show Must Go On(line)!

This turmoil has had incredible impact on live events and at the same time we choose to focus on innovation, and we are already far ahead with our clients to unite physical & virtual events – we call them Hybrid events. This is a new way how we will meet in the future.

We have been developing and producing hybrid events already ten years. Today’s changing world has given us an opportunity to support several businesses to run their key corporate events also online with the help of our creativity and technical experience.

Corporate teams are now working remotely from home offices throughout the markets. Most likely everyone has realized that this is not enough in the long run. To create powerful event experiences, you need to engage and interact with audience, and this is a challenge in traditional webcasting or TED Talks. Successful events must have all the cornerstones in place to make sure the attendees can learn, connectexplore and get inspired.

Here are 10 points to consider while planning your next virtual event.

1. Make the content short & sharp. How long can you really concentrate all alone on the other side of the screen? 5 minutes? 15? The virtual event has to be more dynamic for the audience to keep the focus.
Reduce presenting time to at least 1/3 of the time of a live only event (30min in live event is 10 min in virtual event).

2. Invest on set-up. Pay attention to background & props to support the content. We build TV-studio set to support the messaging and focus.

3. Create an engaging script to interact with your virtual audience, pre-defined guests or performers.

4. Train the speakers & contributors. Virtual events require more from performers, it is like running a live TV-show, where coaching, sharpening content and training plays an important role for the success & engagement.

5. Invest in a professional host who will take the experience & flow to the next level.

6. Engage the audience. Humans want to interact; it is our nature. There has to be more than the “traditional” chat, voting, Q&A.

7. Do not forget roundtable discussions and workshops. It is important to organise relevant content & virtual discussions to smaller interest groups and experts.

8. Your products & demos are important. The virtual partner area with mixed reality, VR demos and one-on-one encounters could be organised.

9. Organise virtual networking possibilities, virtual morning exercise together, coffee & lunch breaks with relevant contacts, and do not forget the AW.

10. Inspire people with physical props & decos, why not to deliver welcome package with morning tea or AW hats, invitations etc. Your imagination is the limit????


This is not the end of great event experiences; this is a start of a new era, where we unite physical meetings with virtual ones. It is possible to turn a remote attendance into an engaging, unforgettable event experience.

We believe in the future of hybrid events and are extremely happy to talk about our approach with you to help you to keep your wheels running in this new situation.

We wish future-looking business spirit to everyone!

Contact us for ready concepts or let´s tailor the digital experience together.
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