We provide a turnkey solution for your virtual and hybrid events.

We offer professional services and tools to support your entire event journey.

Create a powerful virtual event experience

for attendees, contributors and organisers.

Virtual Event Journey

Create powerful virtual event experiences with innovative technology and careful strategical planning.

We are your trusted partner with experience, skills and resources to support your journey.

Take the first step towards your next virtual event!

Virtual Platform

Global Virtual platform is our all-inclusive, business-first, fully tested and ready to perform virtual event platform. It is a great choice when you want a fully branded seamless attendee experience. Stand out with exceptional ease of use and a stunning interface.

The platform has amazing built-in engagement possibilities and lead generation opportunities. Measure the success of your event or easily identify potential business opportunities with attendee engagement scores.

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Studios & Streaming

Your studio – whether virtual or physical – is the foundation for your event. It will play an integral part in your content and must be carefully chosen and set up.

We have a wide range of different studio options, from fully contactless virtual studios to grand custom-built physical studios. Our global network of studios and talent pool of specialists allows us to find you the perfect fit. We handpick the best experts for your Studio Team to best make use of all possibilities and support your event journey.

All the amazing content produced in the studio must reach your audience. Another important aspect of virtual events is streaming. You need a professional team specialized in streaming and IT services, especially if your virtual event has an international reach.

Event Tools

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Event Platform
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Lead Generation
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