Be safe and stay connected with fully contactless Virtual Studios

As COVID-19 safety measures are in full effect in many parts of the world, people are encouraged to limit their contacts as much as possible. Thanks to technological advancements, attendees and organisers can be united in the same virtual event experience without coming together physically. And the best part – it can look like your brand and be engaging with the help of our Virtual Studio.

What is a Virtual Studio?

We can create your dream studio in a virtual format. Your fully branded Virtual Studio will have an animated virtual stage and screen, where contributors can connect from where-ever they are, including the comfort and safety of their (home)office. Best of all – while being fully contactless.

In addition to being the safest option for corporate events, Virtual Studios are also budget friendly. There is no need to rent a physical studio or event venue, fly in contributors or think about additional COVID-19 health measures.

Fully virtual and contactless with high quality

Virtual Studio will have the highest quality streaming and it is possible to upgrade the contributors’ connections. Home Studio kits can be delivered to upgrade your contributors’ sound, lighting, and camera. You can easily immerse speakers in your Virtual Studio environment with backdrops or green screens. Virtual Studios have many possibilities to bring people together while also making it exciting and engaging with creative technological solutions.

Virtual Events are here to stay

Virtual event formats have firmly secured their place in the event industry. It is worth considering what type of events can benefit from this format today and in the future.

For example, opting for a virtual event means fewer people travelling and fewer resources spent, which makes it a more sustainable option. That means it can help organisations to reach their environmental sustainability goals.

We believe that every event format has a place and a purpose. Think which events in your calendar could fit into a virtual format and possibly even work better that way.


Our takeaway from these turbulent times is that your event can deliver meaningful content, create valuable connections, be creative and inspiring, all while being cost-efficient, sustainable, and completely contactless.


You’ll believe it when you see it? Let’s have a virtual coffee and start planning today.

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