Case study: iLOQ - Unlock the future

If you don’t have the muscles, you need balls 😎

As we are looking towards the future, sometimes it’s good to look back at amazing past events.

Let’s study the case of iLOQ’s “Unlock the future” event which won us the Best B2B Event award in Finland.  iLOQ is a fast-growing Finnish company that has transformed mechanical locking into highly functional and immensely secure digital access management.

iLOQ approached us with several exciting business challenges. They were (and still are) growing fast and they wanted to launch a new product, introduce their new brand identity, strengthen partnerships, and deepen relationships to create new business. They also wanted to celebrate their 15th anniversary. As we started to build the concept, we agreed that to make an impact, we need balls.


We created an industry platform where partners, customers, key personnel, and media could share a unique experience together. This way, by putting together separate event budgets into one, we could maximize the impact.

As iLOQ’s mission is to disrupt the locking systems industry, they also wanted to lead the way in creating an extraordinary brand experience by building their own world to present their vision, customer success cases, and future outlook.

We created the “Unlock the Future” event concept to illustrate how iLOQ is unlocking the future with its revolutionary locking systems. The concept and storyline united all the details of the project into a powerful “WOW!” experience that the participants are still talking about.

iLOQ’s CEO opened their future vision through digital storytelling, which concluded with the launch of their new product S50 that received audible gasps and a standing ovation. The audience was welcomed to step into the future through the digital gate which was built on the main stage from massive LED screens that had just been unlocked with iLOQ’s newest product. It was an impactful and emotional moment, which perfectly emphasized how storytelling can elevate your event, leave a powerful impression, and create long-lasting memories.

The official event concluded with a celebration and visualisation of iLOQ’s amazing 15th-anniversary journey during the final dinner. It was a sentimental moment illustrating how far they had already come and what exciting future lies ahead.


The event was an absolute success and exceeded all expectations. The unified industry event bravely served different target audiences. 73% of customers predicted purchases from iLOQ to increase in the next year, customers’ Net Promoter Score reached an all-time high at 71 and the launched product (iLOQ S50) signed 5 large partner projects.

The powerful brand experience strengthened all partnerships within the iLOQ family. It was really the moment where the new iLOQ brand came alive.

See what iLOQ CEO, Joni Lampinen had to say about the event:

We were very pleased with the overall look and feel of the event. It was very dramatic, professional, and sharp. Participants were literally blown away. It helped to raise the profile of iLOQ as an employer and took our brand value to the next level. I look forward to continuing the partnership going forward. – Joni Lampinen, CMO

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