8 tips for successful event venue & destination search

Do you need help with finding the right venue?

Finding the right venue for your event is an important step in ensuring its success. Each aspect demands careful consideration, from aligning with your company’s objectives to ensuring accessibility and sustainability. We have combined 8 tips from 20 years of experience to find the perfect location for your event. By following these steps, you’ll be equipped to make a choice that not only meets your needs but also elevates your event to new heights.

1. Business & event goals

Consider your company’s objectives and event goals to find a venue that aligns with your purpose, such as strategic locations for targeting growth markets, touring your innovative factory or R&D site, or visiting office locations.

2. Accessibility

Ensure the venue is easily accessible for your target audience, considering transportation options and proximity to airports, train stations, or major highways.

3. Sustainability

Look for venues that prioritize eco-friendly practices and have green certifications.

4. Budget, taxes & service charge

Determine your budget before starting your venue search to ensure you find options within your financial constraints. Understand the tax and service charge implications associated with the venue to avoid surprises.

5. Size matters & one size does not fit all

Consider the size and layout requirements for various areas within the venue, including the main hall, breakout rooms, function areas, and restaurants. Ensure they meet your specific needs in terms of capacity, height, accessibility, and proximity.

6. Branding possibilities

Evaluate the branding opportunities offered by the venue, such as signage, customizable spaces, and digital displays, to enhance your event’s branding and messaging.

7. Recommendations & ratings

Read reviews, seek recommendations, and check ratings from previous clients or event planners who have used the venue to gain insights into their experiences and overall satisfaction.

8. Site visit

Before finalizing a venue, schedule a site visit to see the facilities in person, assess the ambiance, meet the venue staff, and address any specific requirements or concerns you may have.

Following these tips you will surely find a venue that not only meets your requirements but exceeds your expectations, creating an event that will be remembered for years to come. Success is in the details!


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